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本文摘要:Appleintroduced an updated suite of Mac computers at a conference for developers in San Francisco, as it made a renewed push to use the iPhone and iPad halo effect to convert more PC users to its higher-priced hardware. 苹果(Apple)在旧金山举行的年度开发者大会上,公布了升级后的Mac系列电脑。

Appleintroduced an updated suite of Mac computers at a conference for developers in San Francisco, as it made a renewed push to use the iPhone and iPad halo effect to convert more PC users to its higher-priced hardware. 苹果(Apple)在旧金山举行的年度开发者大会上,公布了升级后的Mac系列电脑。这家公司于是以加大力度,利用iPhone和iPad带给的光环效应,更有PC用户转而用于它更加便宜的电脑硬件产品。A new MacBook Pro notebook, touting thinner casing and the same Retina Display screen used in the latest iPhones and iPad, led a series of upgrades.新款MacBook Pro笔记本电脑的一系列升级尤为引人注目。它享有更为纤薄的机身,还配有了最新版iPhone和iPad上用于的Retina Display显示屏。


Surfing the web can be like experiencing magazine-like quality, said Phil Schiller, head of product marketing, describing the new MacBook Pro, which he said was thinner than his finger. The device will cost $2,200, suggesting it was aimed at the professional market which Apple has been accused of moving away from as it goes more mass-market.苹果产品营销主管菲利普·席勒(Philip Schiller)在叙述新的MacBook Pro时称:用于该产品上网冲浪,需要体验到杂志一样的质感。他说道,Macbook Pro比他的手指还厚。这款电脑售价2200美元,指出它面向的是专业市场。仍然以来,有人谴责苹果把更好精力放到大众市场,舍弃了专业市场。

Sir Jonathan Ive, Apples recently knighted head of design, said: Its without doubt the very best computer weve ever built.最近取得爵士头衔的苹果设计主管乔纳森·艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)说道:毫无疑问,这是我们有史以来设计得最篮的电脑。Existing models of other MacBooks were also given upgraded Intelprocessors, extra storage and more memory.MacBook现有的其他型号也配有了升级的英特尔(Intel)处理器,享有更大的存储空间和内存。Apple more commonly makes incremental updates to its laptops without the fanfare of a keynote speech. By making a push around the new devices Apple hopes to sell more of its $1,000-plus computers to new converts to the Mac operating system, ahead of the release of Microsofts Windows 8 software.苹果公司对笔记本产品展开渐进式升级时,一般来说会请高管大张旗鼓地公开发表主题演说。苹果这次大力宣传新的设备,是期望需要在微软公司公布Windows 8之前,向无意改向Mac操作系统的用户出售更加多价格在1000美元以上的电脑。

Customers who buy a new Mac will be eligible for an upgrade to the new Mountain Lion operating system when it is released later this year. At the annual Worldwide Developer conference in San Francisco, Apple detailed the capabilities of the desktop software and iOS6, the next-generation software for its iPad and iPhone.取名为山狮(Mountain Lion)的新操作系统将于今年晚些时候开始发售,现在出售新款Mac的顾客预计可以升级到新的系统。在这场于旧金山举行的年度全球开发者大会上,苹果详尽讲解了这款桌面操作系统,以及应用于iPad和iPhone的新一代移动操作系统iOS 6。Apple also issued new figures for the App Store which suggested the rate of growth is accelerating, as more iPads and iPhones are sold and the store is extended internationally to 155 countries. More than $5bn in revenue – which is split 70 per cent to developers and 30 per cent to Apple – has been paid out to developers in total since the download store launched in mid-2008.苹果还公布了App Store商店的近期数据。


数据指出,随着iPad和iPhone销量快速增长,App Store更进一步国际化,目前已覆盖面积到155个国家,而且这个应用于iTunes商店的发展速度还在减缓。自App Store于2008年中上线以来,用户总计早已向开发者缴纳了逾50亿美元(其中开发者分给70%,苹果分给30%)。There are 650,000 apps available in the App Store, up from 600,000 in April, of which 225,000 are dedicated to the iPad.App Store现有65万款应用于,4月份时为60万款。


其中22.5万款应用于专门iPad研发。Apple unveiled the new technology to whoops and cheers from adoring developers. Ahead of the keynote, Apple poked fun at rival Samsung with its voice control service Siri, saying it was looking forward to the Korean manufacturers new fridge.苹果在开发者们现场的尖叫声喝彩声中公布了这些新技术。在主题演说之前,苹果用其声音掌控服务Siri,开玩笑了竞争对手三星(Samsung)一番。Siri称之为,它正在翘首盼望这家韩国厂商的新款电冰箱。



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